Lily bag python & leather black

This shoulder bag has a central smartphone compartment. Its double zip opens two different pockets to store your bits and bobs. Its wide studded suede strap is super-comfy and will add a laid-back rock 'n roll twist to your look.

Since the antiquity in Egypt, the beetle embodies the resurrection and more precisely the sun, which is reborn with itself. Even today, it’s symbolism of protection and inner energy  persists. It is commonly worn as an amulet. A real powerful totem that will accompany and protect you on daily basis.

Everything we make is entirely crafted by hand in our workshops using completely traditional methods. Similarly, all of the metalwork has been specially created by us and also worked in the traditional way. Printed python undergoes a special dyeing process that is much more akin to the art of painting: artists delicately paint each skin by hand, making each bag unique!

Finally, we confirm that our goods are made from genuine and ethically-sourced python leather, imported in accordance with international laws protecting endangered species, and in particular, ‘CITES’ (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), also known as the Washington Convention. The skins come generally from Indonesia where, as for beef around the world, python is used as much for food as for its skin.

Height: 13cm
Length: 21cm
Width: 8cm
Composition: Sustainable Leather-Python
Bandoulière: 120 cm

Care Instructions: Python skin undergoes a special finishing process, which adds a touch of elegance and glamour. With proper care and handling you will enjoy your bag for years to come :

- Avoid moisture and excessive humidity.
- Avoid direct sunlight, excessive heat and dry conditions.
- Always store your bag in a cool, dry location in the dust bag provided.
- A gentle almond oil or delicate milky facial cleaner can be used with soft dry cloth to keep the skins soft and supple.
- It is always recommended to make a test on a non-visible part before applying it on the entire product.