Fresh and more cream

This refreshing gel cream forms a protective moisture barrier, locking in hydration, and keeps your skin hydrated all day even in an extremely dry environment.

Refreshing and hydrating gel cream that forms a smooth protective barrier.
With moisturizing ability of prickly pear seed oil and NMF (natural moisturizing factor) that draws moisture into the skin, it keeps the skin hydrated longer.
Feel fresh and moisturized not greasy or sticky.

Sahara prickly pear seed oil:
- Vitality surviving an extreme environment with a 50-degree daily temperature variance
- A beauty treasure found in the Sahara Desert. In order to extract just 1 liter of this
precious oil, it takes 36 hours of hand-labor to separate 1 million seeds.
• Far lighter with a greater moisturizing effect than argan oil due to its high content of linoleic acid
An anti-aging effect due to Vitamin E (tocopherol) content that is over 400 times higher than olive oil*
Asafe and certified organic ingredient