Kali blue chalcedony medium hair pin

The stone is mounted on a golden brass pin. Its curve adapts perfectly to the shape of the head. Its rounded and flared tips ensure comfort and support in the hairstyle.

Stone of protection and discernement, chalcedony would promote clarity and concentration, the appeasement of fears and stress. It is said to relieve from anger and sadness, while promoting serenity and self-confidence.

Kali is a handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Medium size
Length: 12,5cm
Stone size: 2cm x 1,5cm
Care advice: Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and any corrosive or abrasive product.

Important note: The piece in the photo is illustrative.  Each one of these beautiful pieces is handmade.  The natural stones all have different shades and shapes.  The very small stones which are attached to the string also come in different variations as well as the strings which also come in different tones.

If you write to us, we can send you a more exact photo of what we have available in stock at the moment.