Scrub mask: sweet terapy

Ascrub and mask that sloughs away dead skin cells and impurities with natural exfoliating ingredients, leaving skin clear and smooth

Perfect exfoliation with natural ingredients. Naturally-derived ingredients thoroughly remove dead skin cells with less irritation.
A thermal-warming effect. When using a rolling motion with fingers, it creates heat that reduce swelling and helps to draw impurities out of the skin.
Quick-melting gel matrix system what is used to remain well attached to the skin and make the skin smooth.

Sahara prickly pear seed oil:

Precious ingredient discovered in an extreme environment
- Vitality surviving an extreme environment with a 50-degree daily temperature variance
- A beauty treasure found in the Sahara Desert. In order to extract just 1 liter of this
precious oil, it takes 36 hours of hand-labor to separate 1 million seeds.
• Far lighter with a greater moisturizing effect than argan oil due to its high content of linoleic acid
An anti-aging effect due to Vitamin E (tocopherol) content that is over 400 times higher than olive oil*
Asafe and certified organic ingredient