Berthe nº2387 silk dress

Handmade dress designed from a vintage silk crepe saree with tie&dye finishes.
It is an oversized dress, a square cut inspired by caftan. A bib in a contrasting fabric has been affixed that we find in the reverse of the sleeves. The V-neck and cuffs are set with a handmade Moroccan embroidery stitch. It can be worn "loose" or - and this is where it becomes magical - belted UNDER the back panel allowing the fabric to move with the rhythm of your steps. In order to let the
invisible gusseted slits have been designed to fit over the hips. A small loop has been created at the ends of the sleeves so that they can be rolled up to the button under the upper arm. A matching belt is sold with it.

This shape is magic, it fits all sizes and the shape The generous size of the fabric allows the vintage silk to undulate around the body.

Unique numbered model (only one Berthe in this pattern), one size fits 36 to 42. Length 100 cm. The model measures 173 cm.

These models may encounter possible irregularities, please note that these are related to the original qualities of recycled silk.
100% silk crepe. Recycled antique fabric.