BHUTAN CYPRESS Essential Oil | Wildcrafted

Cupressus torulosa
Our Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil is distilled from Cypress leaves and branches hand harvested from trees that soar up to 150 feet into the sky. The pristine environment in Bhutan endows this refreshing elixir with potent aromatherapeutic qualities. Cypress Essential Oil deepens and expands the breath and is very beneficial to use in your diffuser or formulations in times of stress, loss of sleep or hormonal challenges. It offers a wide range of applications when its astringent properties are called for.

Cypress has been traditionally used to beautify the skin and scalp. The astringent nature of this oil is very helpful for summertime skin, or whenever there are oily, teenage/troubled or sweaty conditions. You can also routinely count on cypress to keep your home fresh and clean when added to your household cleansers.

For the mind, cypress is known to have a refreshing, cleansing effect which can dispel worry and stress. Diffused, invigorating cypress oil will clear the air whenever it has been left heavy or stagnant. Cypress is a useful essential oil for promoting concentration and productivity. This Bhutan Cypress’ aromatic profile lends itself to soothing hormonal imbalances and promoting deep, restful sleep.

Aromatic Profile:
Perfumery Note: mid to top
Odor: woody, wet earth, forest floor, peppery, stimulating, piney
Strength of Initial Aroma: medium
Blends Well With: other wood oils including Cedar and Sandalwood; conifers such as Pine and Juniper; florals like Rose Geranium, Lavender, Clary Sage, and Ylang-ylang; Helichrysum, Palmarosa, and citrus oil such as Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemon

100% Pure Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil^
^Wildcrafted, made from leaves and twigs
Steam distilled in Bhutan

15 mL (1/2 fl oz)

Suggested use:
Bhutan Cypress is a valuable essential oil and can be applied topically, through direct inhalation, or diffused.

In the Diffuser: Bhutan Cypress Oil can be used to deodorize your rooms, add as often as needed for a great boost in pure, fresh air quality, as well as a calming, focused atmosphere.

Other Suggested Uses:
Use as a compress to support comfortable muscles and joints after strenuous or repetitive activity.
Blend up to a 5% dilution in a massage oil and massage gently into skin to support healthy inflammatory response.
Diffuse for relaxation, a clear mind, deep sleep and balanced hormones
Use diluted in a carrier oil or hydrosol as an astringent to balance oily, problematic skin.

Store away from heat & light.