Chakra ginger & cashew chocolate snack

Healthy nut butter squares infused with botanicals, fruit and flowers and dipped in dark chocolate.
Our nut butter chocolates have 2g of sugar or less per chocolate, from dates. They are keto friendly and have minimal effect on blood sugar levels.

Gluten free. Vegan. Organic. No refined sugar. 100% natural. Made in France.

Our nut butter chocolates have on average 80% less sugar content than your regular chocolate bar.
And we definitely don't compensate by using fake or synthetic alcohol sugars or cheap industrial tricks that are worse for you than actual sugar #neverever. We only use a sprinkling of dates (2g or less per chocolate) for a hint of natural sweetness that's low GI & without the sugar spikes.
We also use the highest quality organic ingredients and stick to short ingredient lists: they are simply natural nut purées, infused with herbs, plants, flowers and fruits and enrobed in artisanal chocolate.
Our single origin chocolate is made bean-to-bar in France and sourced ethically from a cooperative in Ecuador. Our supply is completely traceable.
Nut butter & dark cacao = a combo naturally rich in protein, magnesium, polyphenols and healthy fats.

*from organic farming.