Energy and immunity herbal koffee bag

An all-natural coffee alternative with zero caffeine.
120g pack: makes 20 cups.

A high-grade coffee alternative made with roasted chicory, ancient grains and organic functional mushrooms.
A delicious, smooth, roasted taste for sustained natural energy, better digestion and zero caffeine.
Soluble beverage. Enjoy hot or iced, just add 3 parts water, 1 part milk and stir.
Start your day with out delicious Original blend.
Zero sugar or sweetener.*

*Please note we have updated this original recipe by adding the beautiful mushroom Maitake, instead of Chaga. It's just as delicious and with just as many healthy benefits
Sustained energy, without caffeine: Energising botanicals with zero caffeine or stimulants. Smooth, sustained energy without the jitters or crash.
Better digestion: Chicory, barley, and rye - full of fibre, naturally prebiotic, aid digestion and reduce bloating.
Supports immunity & brain health: Functional mushrooms contain polysaccharides and antioxidants that have been shown to strengthen the immune system and enhance cognitive abilities.

Ingredients: Organic roasted barley, organic rye, organic chicory root, 360mg organic maitake mushroom extract per serving (fruiting body).

Our mushrooms are of the highest organic quality, pure fruiting bodies, no mycelium
Polysaccarides >30%.