Focus infusion sachets

Original botanical mixes inspired by Ayurveda. Mixed in France with highest quality organic ingredients.
Award-winning organic teas inspired by Ayurveda.
Herbal tea sachets. Box of 12 compostable tea sachets.

Focus infusion: Floating on a Chai High. Chai spices with a base of Pai Mu Tan white tea leaves and turmeric *award-winning*
White tea Bai Mu Tan,* Fennel,* Cinnamon,* Turmeric,* Coriander seeds,* Cloves*

No flavourings or sweeteners 
Unlike most premium teas on the market, we do not add 'natural' nor artificial flavourings or sweeteners to our botanical mixes. This means we are compelled to choose high quality, organic plants and botanicals that are bursting with natural flavour.
*From organic farming

Allergen information & pregnancy
Allergens: Our teas are naturally gluten free however as a precaution we state that traces of gluten and nuts could be present, due to the fact that our herbal suppliers handle some of these items.
Can I drink them when pregnant? 
Firstly, congratulations!
Go for the Cacao Rose Intuition (purple box), Sleep (red box), Focus (yellow box) and Digestion (green box).
Hold back on the Energy (pink box) & Detox (peach box).
If in doubt, we recommend asking the advice of a healthcare professional.