Lavander cacao (night)

Drinking cacao blends enhanced with mushrooms & lucuma. 
Indulgent daily rituals for mindful energy & peaceful sleep. 
120g makes 12 cups.  

Gluten Free
Single Origin

Two hot cacao drinking blends, crafted with the finest single origin raw cacao and enhanced with organic active mushrooms. 
Superfruit lucuma adds low-GI sweetness, while spices and flowers add a touch of natural, delicate indulgence. 
Enjoy hot or iced, just add 2 tbsp to warm milk of choice and stir until dissolved. You can use a blender or latte maker for a frothier experience.

Day: Chai Cacao with lion's mane (golden sachet)
An indulgent daily blend with chai spices for natural mindful energy 

Night: Lavender Cacao with reishi (purple sachet)
A comforting evening blend with lavender for serenity & sleep

No refined sugar - only subtle natural sweetness from superfruit lucuma 
No cheap filler ingredients 
No low quality multi-origin beans 
No highly processed alkalised or dutch cacao 

We only use natural raw cacao powder: Most cacao powder on the market is alkalised or dutch cacao, meaning the cacao has gone through an additional processes to alter the pH levels of the cacao and make the taste more ‘neutral’. In doing so however, the product is more processed and the nutritional benefits and antioxidants can be lost. 

Naturally full of antioxidants, magnesium, polysaccarides, fibre: natural cacao powder is brimming with flavonols - associated with many health benefits. Lucuma is known for its fibre content and low glycemic index which can help maintain stable blood sugar. 
Making your daily dose of mushrooms delicious: Functional mushrooms contain polysaccharides and antioxidants that have been shown to strengthen the immune system and enhance cognitive abilities. They can taste a little funky though - taking them in a clean cacao blend gives you the dose without it being gross ;) 
Highest quality mushroom extracts: Our mushrooms are of the highest organic quality, pure fruiting bodies, no mycelium - Polysaccarides >30

Day: Chai Cacao (golden sachet)
Raw cacao powder,* Lucuma powder,* Lion's mane mushroom extract (360mg per cup),* Cardamom,* Cinnamon,* Ginger,* Himalayan pink salt

Night: Lavender Cacao (purple sachet)
Lucuma powder,* Raw cacao powder,* Reishi mushroom extract (360mg per cup),* Powder of lavender flowers,* Himalayan pink salt

* from organic farming

Our mushrooms are of the highest organic quality, pure fruiting bodies, no mycelium
Polysaccarides >30%

Our cacao blends do not contain gluten, they are however prepared in a atelier that handles gluten and other ingredients. So as a precaution we advice that they may contain traces of gluten, nuts, peanuts, egg, celery and milk.

Can I drink it when pregnant?
Firstly, congratulations!
Go for the Chai Cacao
Hold back on the Lavender Cacao (there is not yet sufficient research on Pregnancy and Reishi mushrooms)

If in doubt, we recommend asking the advice of a healthcare professional.