Long Tibetan blue fire labradorite pendant

A faceted blue fire labradorite pendant on a resistant beige coloured thread, strewn with tsavorite and zirconium beads.

Labradorite is sought after for its shield-like qualities. It’s thought to absorb pain and maladies, with it’s soothing and regenerative properties.

Handmade necklace.
Length : 77 cm
Gemstone dimension: 2.2m x 1,7cm

Care advice: Resistant to fresh water. Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and all corrosive or abrasive products.

Important note: The piece in the photo is illustrative.  Each one of these beautiful pieces is handmade.  The natural stones all have different shades and shapes.  The very small stones which are attached to the string also come in different variations as well as the strings which also come in different tones.

If you write to us, we can send you a more exact photo of what we have available in stock at the moment.