WOVEN BRASS | Small Tea Strainer

The simple and elegant tea basket is handmade of solid brass. Designed to perch on the edge of a mug, the tightly woven basket strains leaves from a larger pot into a single serving. Or this strainer is excellent for teas that should not be steeped for long periods of time, such as flowers like Blue Lotus.
These strainers are 100% brass, coated in a clear food-grade finish.
Dimensions: 2" Dia x 0.7" H
Suggested use: Place loose herbs within the basket and place in a mug or tea pot, and pour hot water through it. Steep tea for as long as recommended.
Instructions for care: The brass-plated strainers will lightly tarnish over time. To keep these strainers clean, simply rinse and pat dry after each use. To keep these strainers clean, simply rinse and dry after each use. Do not let them stay immersed in water. The brass does not oxidize if properly taken care of.